Breed Standard

Our goal at Titanbears it to breed the highest quality Newfoundlands that we can. We do not and never will compromise on the quality of the studs and bitches that we use to achieve that goal. The UK Newfoundland breed standard is our bible and we do everything we can to meet that standard, We don’t ever expect perfection but we certainly strive to achieve it.


We only breed puppies from Studs and Bitches with perfect temperaments.  There is no place nor desire for any kind of aggressive nature in our breed and we play our part in ensuring that continues. Our puppies are exposed at the earliest opportunity to as many noises and as much visual stimulation as possible to help with as stress free a  transition as possible into their forever homes.  By 7 weeks our puppies will often sit and watch the TV, listen to the radio or chase the hoover around the house.


We regularly attend and compete in dog shows at Championship level in the UK and in Europe. We show the dogs that we have imported and intend to breed from and also the dogs that we have bred ourselves. It’s easy for any breeder to say they are breeding the best Newfoundland’s in the country but the only way to prove it is in the show ring at the highest level.


All of our dogs are subjected to the health test requirements recommended by the UK Breed Clubs before we decide whether or not they are used for breeding. These tests include…

  • Hip and Elbow Xray’s and grading with scoring being certified by the BVA.
  • DNA testing for cystinuria.
  • Colour Flow Echo Doppler Heart test performed by a Certified Veterinary Cardiologist,

Puppy Availability

As a show kennel breeder we do not have a constant availability of puppies. We breed to improve our own lines and any puppies that we do not keep for ourselves are sold to pet homes and used to fund the next litter. As such we may only have the odd few puppies available each year. We do have a puppy waiting list and we happily welcome anyone to apply to join it